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PostRules and Stuff

This applies only to people who we have officially given the |TC| tag to wear in-game.
If you have not been seen on Urban Terror or on this forum for two weeks, then you are considered an inactive player. We will then send you an email informing you of your absence. Once you have received this email, you will be under probation. If you are not seen for another week (totalling now to 3 weeks) you will be stripped of your clan tag. If you vanish for a whole month, you will be demoted on this site, but not completely deleted. There will also be a note on your member profile that you are not currently active.

Getting out of inactivity:
If you are in probation period (2 weeks) then all you have to do is be seen at least twice on the forums or in-game (yes, this could mean having to search for another |TC| member in the server list). Once that has happened, we will expect to see you again on the game and around here. If you go 2 weeks inactive, come on two times in one week, and immediately go 2 weeks inactive again, we will treat it like a 3 week inactivity.

If you have been stripped of your clan tag, it is still not a total loss. This time, you will have to send a demo of about 5-10 minutes to one of the admins (by email, which can be received through private message or other means). You will receive your clan tag again. Once you sent the demo, you are, like in a probation period, to be seen at least twice in a week on the forum or the game. Again, if inactivity happens immediately, you come back to this 3-week parole.

Lastly, if you are inactive for a month or have gone through the above cycles twice in a row, you will be permanently stripped of the tag. Now you not only have to reapply to join the clan, but we also want to see you around on the servers (you without the tag but otherwise same nickname).

Of course, if you are going on vacation, or something else comes up in your life that is more important than this, just email us and tell us you won't be able to play UrT for some time. We'll understand completely.

This process might seem a bit strict, but if we don't have something like this, we will get a bunch of people joining and then dropping, which nobody likes.


Surprise, surprise, we don't accept hackers, cheaters, or any other form of playing that pisses the crap out of people (camping doesn't count, since UrT site says it's a legit tactic).

If you see someone hacking, or think you see someone hacking, the best thing to do is NOT call it out. If they are smart, they can quickly stop hacking before anyone catches them. Instead, join the spectators and spectate the player, then record a demo. Afterward, you can a) watch the demo and type into the console /r_shownormals 1 which lets you see all the normals in a game, and also be able to see if they are aiming at someone through the walls (wallhack). if you do this or still think they are hacking, report it somewhere on Urban Terror forums (or some email that I forgot).
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Rules and Stuff

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